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Charity No. 1156917 

Are you unemployed and thinking about looking for work? Do you need help or advice to make a start?

You may have health problems which you think will hold you back or maybe you have been turned down for work for other reasons. Don't sit at home worrying - you can get help....

What type of help can I get?

Information about training or education. Careers advice. Job Search. Writing a C.V. Filling in application forms.

Are you in work but looking to change direction? What type of help can I get?
Advice on CVs. Opportunities in your area. Look at your skills differently. Planning your goals. Grants which may be available to help you financially. Call in at Romero Communities or Telephone 01226 770390 to get more information.



9.30am - 3.00pm

Not open at Romero at the moment